jeff bezineo’s amazine dream is a zine series about jeff bezos. one time, he even walked past a table where these were being sold. this series is made in collaboration with kathleen ma.

Issue #1: jeff bezos is my interior decorator
a story about algorithms, sameness, consumerism, and the futon that follows me everywhere.

Issue #2: jeff bezos is feeling snacky
a zine about cultural commodification and amazon’s “Wickedly Prime” snacks.

Issue #3: jeff bezos moves next door
a comic about surreality and frustration in response to amazon’s hq2 proposal.

Issue #4: jeff bezos sold me grapes for ten dollars
a tragedy about grapes and food access in cambridge.

Issue #5: jeff bezos sneezos
a myth about one man’s ambition and those left behind. pandemic edition, digital only

These zines have traveled to many zine fairs with printjob press, including:

  • Tiny Tech Zines (with Free Radicals) at Navel LA, 2019
  • Press Play (with Tech Zine Fair) at Pioneer Works, 2019
  • Odds and Ends Art Book Fair at Yale University, 2018
  • Zine Soup 3.0: Makers Market at Chinatown Soup, 2018
  • NY Tech Zine Fair at School for Poetic Computation, 2018
  • Boston Art Book Fair at Boston Center for the Arts, 2018

Read a scan of issue #1 below : )